Time spent in your garden can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you are a serious gardener or just enjoy pottering, having the correct tools for the job always helps. At Stan Brouard we offer a great range of products from mowers and hedge trimmers, to rakes and hoes, lawn & plant food down to a simple pair of gloves.

Our knowledgeable staff can advise and guide you on what and how to use the products you require, we see helping our customers as a privilege not just a job.

Our aim is to supply the commercial grower, the enthusiastic amateur and those who have just entered the gardening world with the best products, at good value, coupled with sound advice in all the following areas:

Our general sundries section also offers wheelbarrows, water butts, compost bins, compost accelerators and postal boxes.

We want your garden to be a source of pleasure to you and your family.  It is therefore our desire to help you achieve your dream.

Call in to our Garden, Leisure & Furniture Store at Landes du Marche for advice or to browse our extensive range.